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Training course & exam

Our Group has a profound understanding of the global market, visionary leadership, and regional coverage. It is targeted to provide more than 700 educational courses for students at different levels and to train over 50,000 students in the coming 3 years. We have successfully allied with leading technology giants as strategic partners, such as Cisco Systems, Microsoft, RedHat, and Huawei. Our courses focus on both professional knowledge and practical skill training.

For fresh graduates who wish to develop their careers in the technology industry or experienced professionals seeking on-job studying opportunities, there is always a course at Mega Legend catering to individual needs. With a considerable investment of million dollars, Mega Legend has built world-class learning classrooms equipped with Cisco routers and switches, Virtual Private Networks, and other modules. Courses are delivered through IT solutions and management tools. All software and applications are regularly updated with industry standards. We believe that the key to our success is to fulfill our customer's needs through our knowledge, experiences, and service-oriented business model.


We are committed to being the leader in the marketplace by providing innovative technology, precision tooling, and superior support on a timely basis, enabling our students to be low-cost, but high-quality training. We strive to continuously improve our people, sales, as well as instructors so as to meet and exceed the expectations of yours.

Our mission is to make you successful.

CCNA Concentrations

CCNA Associate level concentrations offer individuals a career stepping stone in the converged technologies that make up today’s sophisticated network. In addition, IT professionals wishing to broaden or add specialized skills to their technology expertise while differentiating themselves in the marketplace will find these specializations a valuable addition. New CCNA Wireless, CCNA Voice and CCNA Security certifications build on core CCNA skills and provide a clear path for individuals to prepare for a specialized job role in wireless, security or voice technologies. In addition, these new CCNA concentrations represent the first step for individuals interested in a career in Voice, Security and Wireless technologies and serve as prerequisites for Cisco professional level certifications including CCVP and CCSP.

CCNA Security

CCNA Security certification meets the needs of IT professionals who are responsible for network security. It confirms an individual’s skills for job roles such as network security specialists, security administrators, and network security support engineers. This certification validates skills including installation, troubleshooting, and monitoring of network devices to maintain integrity, confidentiality, and availability if data and devices, and develops competency in the technologies that Cisco uses in its security structure.

CCNA Security Benefits

Takes full advantage of the CCNA certification as the foundation for career in Cisco security technologies

Prepares you for new career opportunities in security networking

Represents an important step toward the Cisco CCSP and other professional-level Cisco certifications

  CCNA Security Exams and

Recommended Training

         Prerequisite              CCNA

         Required Exam         640-553 (IINS)

         Course                       Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security (IINS)

                                            5-days instructor-led training course

         Notes                         Training course

Program Impact on CCSP

CCSP Pre-Requisites: CCNA Security

SNPA/VPN replaced by SNAF/SNAA

Candidates already Pursuing CCSP may leverage exams already passed for up to three years


CCNA Voice

CCNA Voice certification validates skills in VoIP technologies such as IP PBX, IP telephony, handset, call control, and voicemail solutions. Candidates also get exposure to the Cisco Unified Communications architecture and design covering mobility, presence, and TelePresence applications.


CCNA Voice Benefits

Takes full advantage of the CCNA certification as the foundation for career in Cisco voice technologies

Prepares you for new career opportunities in voice networking

Represents an important step toward the Cisco CCVP and other professional-level Cisco certifications

CCNA Voice Exams and

Recommended Training

         Prerequisite              CCNA

         Required Exam         6640-460 (IIUC)

         Course                       Implementing Cisco IOS Unified Communications (IIUC v1.0)

         Notes                         5-days instructor-led training course



  Program Impact on CCVP

To accommodate candidates who may already be in progress preparing for a CCVP certification, CCNA will be accepted as the prerequisite in place of CCNA Voice for up to one year. CCVP Pre-Requisites: CCNA Voice

CCNA Wireless

CCNA wireless certification validates the candidate’s skills in the configuration, implementing, and support of wireless LANs, specifically those networks using Cisco equipment. Students completing the recommended Cisco training are provided with information and practice activities to prepare them for configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting basic tasks of a Cisco WLAN in small to medium-sized business (SMB) and enterprise networks. Once candidates complete the certification, employers will be able to validate that their staff have the skills needed for basic wireless networking on a Cisco WLAN in SMB and enterprise networks.


CCNA Wireless Benefits

Takes full advantage of the CCNA certification as the foundation for career in Cisco networking technologies

Prepares you for new career opportunities in wireless networking

Provides training on the latest Cisco wireless technologies


CCNA Wireless Exams and

  Recommended Training

         Prerequisite              CCNA

         Required Exam         640-721 (IUWNE)

         Course                       Implementing Unified Wireless Networking Essentials (IUWNEv1.0)

         Notes                         5-days instructor-led training course

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