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RMA Services

Fortinet RMA procedure

In case of a hardware failure on a Fortinet product and a need for replacement, when a spare unit is already available on-site, for a smooth RMA exchange of the defective unit by the Fortinet CSS, Fortinet recommends to proceed as follows:

 1. With the Fortinet Customer Service and Support (Fortinet CSS), create a RMA ticket first, using the serial number of the defective unit.

 2. In the RMA ticket, describe the problem with the defective unit, and make sure to mention to which spare/replacement unit (specify the serial number) the support contract will be transferred to.

 3. Once the RMA ticket has been created, request the Fortinet Customer Service (Fortinet CS) to transfer the support contract from the defective unit to the spare unit, possibly by creating another ticket (this time, a CS ticket), or making a phone call.

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