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Mega Global Holding Limited is a non-listed company, incorporated in Hong Kong, which has 100% holding rights of three companies: Mega Legend (Asia) Limited, Teralec Systems Limited, and  Teralec (Macao) Limited.  The Mega Global Group is a professional provider of Networking solutions, Security, Maintenance & Support Services, and a training & exam center offering professional information technology education. Our company services mainly include networking solutions, security,  maintenance and support services, cloud computing, cloud voice, and training course & exam.


Mega Legend (Asia) Limited is a well-established training centre offering professional information technology education. We have a profound understanding of the global market, visionary leadership and regional coverage. It is targeted to provide more than 700 educational courses for students at different levels and to train over 50,000 students in coming 3 years. We have successfully allied with leading technology giants as strategic partners, such as Cisco Systems, Microsoft, RedHat, Huawei. Our courses focus on both professional knowledge and practical skill training.

For fresh graduates who wish to develop their careers in the technology industry or experienced professionals seeking on-job studying opportunities, there is always a course at Mega Legend catering for individual needs. With a considerable investment of million dollars, Mega Legend has built world-class learning classrooms equipped with Cisco routers and switches, Virtual Private Networks and other modules. Courses are delivered through IT solutions and management tools. All software and applications are regularly updated with industry standards. We believe that the key to our success is to fulfill our customers' needs through our knowledge, experiences and service-oriented business model.

We are committed to being the leader in the marketplace by providing innovative technology, precision tooling, and superior support on a timely basis, enabling our students to be low-cost, but high-quality training. We strives to continuously improve ours people, sales, as well as instructors so as to meet exceed the expectations of yours.

Our mission is to make you success. We believe that YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS, YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR SATISFACTION. To enjoy our professional services is as simple as click an icon. Knowledge create legend,


We are MEGA Legend

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