Manageability, better control over communication medium Enterprising Solutions for Small business Success

Do you find managing communications a big headache to you? We understand the pain, that’s why we’d introduce Cisco Unified Communications Manger Express to you

Cisco Unified Communications Manger Express is a cost effective, converged data and voice solution inside Cisco integrated Services routers. It comes with an intuitive interface, which helps simplifying installation, management as well as maintenance.

Simplified Process Contributed to Enhanced Manageability
Cisco unified Communications Manager Express will become your lethal weapon in communications From now on, you will have comprehensive control over the solutions including:
CLP Service Solution
WebFounder enable you to create web-base information for IP Phones
Call Accounting System can summarize all call status meaningful information, calculate the IDD call, incoming and outgoing phone calls. You also can generate the report by daily,weekly monthly or by phone number.
Room Booking System is easy to use and handle. It allows end users to book conference room via IP Phone within 30sec.
Inventory Checking It allows the integration of inventory directores
Access Points are controlled directly from the IP phone and can be combined with the IP Cam and intercom functionality to have all your access control needs on the IP Phone
IP Hole Integration of any IP Cam is supported by using snapshots which are derived from the IP Cam and displayed on your IP Phone. Therefore, no additional hardware in your office environment to see who is in front of your entrance
Contact Session allows you to integrate your personal phone number in a fast intuitive way to be used and searched on your IP Phones.